Readers Reviews: 

 "...... the book is a timeless classic , since its publication , men and women of many nationalities have bought the book for themselves , as gift to friends & families , and surprisingly sometime being used as college / university studies reference material ....."



 (How to Date a White woman, a Practical Guide for Asian men)

 5 out of 5 stars (Asian man) A reviewer, (USA) June xx, 2014,   (gave rating: 5/5), Best Book Ever.

 As a Polk County native this book was essential for my game. I eventually married a white woman and owe my happy marriage to this book. Thank you so much for the great tips!

5 out of 5 stars(A woman) A reviewer,  July xx, 2003,  (gave rating: 5/5), Great Book!!! 

I enjoyed reading this book very much. I learned a lot about Asian men and culture. Lots of fun to read. Great tips on how to approach Asian men.

(A woman) A reviewer,  Mar  xx, 2006,  (gave rating: 1/5),

If I'm a white girl and I for the most part only date Asian men. There are plenty of white woman out there who are willing to date Asian guys or even have a preference for Asian guys ..

... If I've learned anything from dating Asian guys, it is that the real obstacle comes in earning a strict Asian family's acceptance of interracial relationships.


5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer, (USA) Dec xx, 2006,   (gave rating: 5/5), GREAT !! 

Personally, I am an Asian man. And by Asian, I mean Asian. When I got this book, I realized the error .....of my ...ways. Now that I've seen the light, ..... THANKS Adam ...! My love life is more bubbly than a 100 degree pot in high altitude.

(A man) A reviewer,  (USA), December xx, 2005, (gave rating: 4/5),Great way to fire up an interracial relationship!

As a white law student, it was interesting to get a new perspective on what asian men are thinking. Personally, I have had horrible luck with women, but I got this book for my asian friend in hopes that he could land a girlfriend for himself. I highly recommend it, as I know I certainly have a thing or two to learn from asian investment bankers about picking up women.

5 out of 5 stars(A man) A reviewer,  August xx, 2003,  (gave rating: 5/5) , an Asian man & Love This Book!

This is a great book that explains how to date and relate with White women. As an Asian man myself, I feel this book speaks the truth about dating for white women in America. It describes lots of Asian men's dating experiences and contains many techniques from actual Asian men. 

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer, (USA) July  xx, 2003,   (gave rating: 5/5), At Long Last 

I was so happy to find a book on this topic. Adam Quan  makes it easy to do something you always wanted to do, meet and get to know white women as a dating choice. And don't listen to any of those who object to it because of personal  insecurity , learn to see other ethnics as people.. 

5 out of 5 stars(A man) A reviewer, September xx, 2004, (gave rating: 5/5), Best $$ I ever spent...,

 I'm an Asian guy ... this book is fantastic. I've been waiting for a book like this for a long time, and now I have accomplished more this month than my whole entire life. No more drinks poured down my lap or slaps to the face.
Thanks da man! 

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer (Ann Arbor, USA) , (gave rating: 5/5), September xx, 2004 , A splendid work

Adam Quan's "How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men" is unparalleled in its approach to the art of dating ... women. As reclusive and introverted asian man, I must admit, I have had difficulties approaching the luscious and succulent whiteys I see around me. Quan's guide, however, has managed to dispel any and all past inhibitions I have had. More than just a dating guide, this seminal (pun intended...oh yes, pun very intended) work is a tour de force; I will not be surprised if our history books in the future find Quan's guide to be at the vanguard of the current Asian Empowerment Movement.

(Asian man) A reviewer, (California, USA) Aug  xx, 2005,   (gave rating: 3/5), I haven't read this book, there is a demand of East-West for relationship! 

I bought this book from Amazon. I am an Asian man. I always attracted to Caucasian / Hispanics woman. This started when I was in high school. As for the big picture, here my observation of other Asian-men may share similar situation with me:

Asian-Americans ......We are evolving, certainly, relationship between Asian-man and White woman as no exception. However, we still have some gap to close .......

As far as the current situation, we expect this to be an issue we need to address to bring the gap closer. We cannot be quiet on this as we see there is a demand for both relationships.

Personally, I seen Asian-man and White-woman relationship. Including myself had experienced couple of them approached me in the past. I was picky but one I felt regret I should have go for. As for other Asian-male friends, I know some like White woman.
Basically, I conclude ...   this book brings us the subject Just-In-Time ...

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer(UAE) (gave rating: 5/5),September xx, 2004 , A Whole New World!


After reading the book, "How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men", I challenge you: How could you not  ...????

Adam is certainly onto something here, and some of the above reviews prove it. My past attempts at dating the elusive breed failed miserably, one even resulted in a drink in the face after my generous invitation for a drink and a golden shower. But Mr. Quan's guide taught me that it is not tactful to share my deepest desires with the fair-skinned temptresses until after marriage. I roped one in, and now its party time.

Thanks Adam. I finally a happy man.

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer , (Melbourne, Australia) (gave rating: 5/5), September xx, 2004 , "Asian Sensation"

Adam Quan published a great book us Asian male who for many generations have shy away from relationships with white female aka 'gwah-loh' .......

Although seem like cheese, Adam has provided indepth knowledge and very logical practical points for us male who like to develop or work on our relationship with white female society heads. Adam is well in breaking cultural boundry between our west and east culture. i feel my wife and I will much better with years to come with more understanding and tolerance for each culture.

Adam break the myth that money and honor attract women in our world. with read you will find more to answer then the question it present.

(A woman) A reviewer,  Sep xx, 2004,  (gave rating: 1/5), Just A Comment 

I'm a white chick from the South with beautiful Irish skin. I just wanted to say that white chicks are just like any other chicks and if you need a book to pick us up and are intimidated by how stacked a woman is then you are probably a loser. I like all different types of guys. I love white guys ....., and of course, Asian guys, but if I found a book like this in a guy's house when I was dating him, I would be insulted. I think that if you really want a relationship with someone you should just be yourself or it will be founded on the basis of lies anyway and will be doomed to fail. I know lots of white chicks who find Asian guys extremely attractive and I am one of them, but if anyone treated me like I was from a different species because of my race, I would be insulted and weirded out. Advice for all guys: Don't discriminate on the basis of color and treat all women the same. If you like a woman, never be afraid to approach her. The world needs more strong, classy guys of all colors.

5 out of 5 stars(A man) A reviewer, (America), September xx, 2004,  (gave rating: 5/5),  Would you like to live an exciting lifestyle?, 

You too can now date White women just like me if you read this book. You have seen my commercials on TV where I am on my yatch with many many beautiful White women in sexy outfits. Now you too can achieve this goal if you simply read this book by the great Mr. Quan. Thank you Mr. Quan, you have given many Asian men the ability to date White women now without having to take my seminar.

5 out of 5 stars(A man) A reviewer, (Melbourne, Australia), September xx, 2004, (gave rating: 5/5), It Actually Works 

Naturally I was skeptical of a book with such an odd theme, but after buying, reading, and applying the concepts in the book, it's amazing how well they actually work....

If you are a lonely man, this book will at least triple your chances of getting a woman. 

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer (Irvine, CA) , (gave rating: 5/5),September xx, 2004, Adam Quan smart!,

Adam Quan is best. He book converted completely my life. .....

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer (Irvine, CA) , (gave rating: 5/5),October xx, 2004 Like... in Hand

I read the book three times all of it. It help awesome......   I am being best at reading the book and it says how..... If you are Asian and with this book you will .... It is extra awesome .....

5 out of 5 stars (A man) A reviewer,(San Diego, CA USA), September xx, 2004, 5 stah!

I likee deez book veli mauch. It iz veli good for my skillz .......... I likee the good tips and making most of my asset. I recommend highly.

(A man) A reviewer,  (USA), September xx, 2004, (gave rating: 4/5),Wow, this is great!!!!

I've spent years trolling online forums, touting escapades with women, I guess in an attempt to shadow drown my lack of success with the ladies. I'm not really all that asian, but I play games with a lot of online guys from asia. They are in the same boat as I am, .......

I've never had any luck with the ladies, and had even reconsidered my sexuality on several occasions as a result. This book showed me that I really am a "beautiful and unique snowflake" and that I, too, can have success with the ladies.

I've recommended this to my friends, …. and I hope they get re-newed interest in the other sex, as I have.

(A man) A reviewer (USA) , (gave rating 4/5) , September xx, 2004 , Interesting themes never covered before

Adam Quan does a good job of identifying attributes that appeal to women of all backgrounds. Would recommend the book to anyone ...

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer (USA) , (gave rating: 5/5), September xx, 2004 , An angry Chinese man

It also intrigues me that someone is that unconmfortable with a book that empowers Asian man.

(A man) A reviewer (USA) , (gave rating 3/5) , September xx, 2004 ,Helped in the Work Place

This really helped me with tips and techniques meeting ladies at my work place, especially with the grooming and conversation starters. Now I'm on top of the NOC.

5 out of 5 stars(Asian man) A reviewer , (gave rating: 5/5), September xx, 2004 ,

This is the best book I have ever read, ...... .

(Asian man) A reviewer , (gave rating: 3/5), September xx, 2004 , Almost banned

The reason 5,000 women staged a silent protested in Thailand in 2002, A. Quan's book is one of the most controversial works of our time. A must read.

(Asian man) A reviewer ( USA) , (gave rating: 4/5), September xx, 2004 , Don't give up hope

A literary work that has rekindled hope in those that have given up hope. It is a life guide, if you will, to the path of success that many have been searching for. Take it from me, read this book and you will be rewarded.



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